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The Paid Channel (SEM/PPC) Strategies needs to come with a set of Ongoing Optimization that drive revenue efficiently.

We use Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Bing, AdRoll, Display Networks, and more to make sure you’re getting in front of the best customers for your business.

We’ll craft a PPC strategy that improves both the volume of leads and the quality of customers by targeting relevant keywords, bringing you only the highest intent traffic.

Some improvement actions:
  • Google AdWords and/or Facebook and sponsored banners on communities and websites related to the market
  • Google Adwords: Split ads in many different advert sets (e.g. interests, age groups, devices, audiences etc)
  • Run A/B testing in the same ads with different copies, images, etc.
  • Analyze the performance of the ads and keep the ones which perform better.
  • Geo-location targeting in specific “premium” places in different countries and analysis of interests.
  • Look-a-like Email List to target audiences that are similar to that of the email list. Throughout the campaign, Facebook will be checking profiles connect with those that closely resonate with customer’s audience.

Services we deploy

Google, Youtube, Shopping and more

helping you to get in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google. Only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business.

Ads on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and the whole META Universe in your hands. Kaiju helps you learn the digital skills you need to move your business forward.

Almost 96% of social media marketers believe that of all the platforms out there, Facebook provides the best return on investment (ROI). And there’s a good reason for this.

Remarketing is a feature that lets you customize your display ads campaign for people who have previously visited your site, and tailor your ads (using dynamic remarketing) to these visitors when they browse the web and use apps.

Kaiju covers all ad campaign activities from start to finish—from planning and creating digital campaigns to analyzing results and optimization.

It includes measuring the performance and conversations on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube among others.

We help you find new audiences by showing valuable information about your website visitors and app users.

For example, if you’re using Google Ads conversion tracking, we can help you find audiences related to your “All converters” data segment. This helps you expand your targeting or adjust your bids to better reach these high-performing audiences.

Landing page optimization (LPO) is the process of improving elements on a website to increase conversions.

Landing page optimization is a subset of conversion rate optimization (CRO), and involves using methods such as A/B testing to improve the conversion goals of a given landing page
Growth loops help you kickstart compounding, rather than linear, growth.

We use the scientific approach of feedback loops to continuously reinvest your output back into your marketing strategy.
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