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About Us

In just 3 years, Kaiju has been responsible for creating teams and growth solutions for major national and international accounts.

Our Values | KAIJU
Kaiju Digital Growth is a team of professionals that includes web developers, business consultants, marketing experts, and designers.
We are dedicated to the conception and execution of growth strategies.

We work with innovative technologies that allow us to discover the right people in the right place.


  • Follow our passion.
  • Maintain transparency and fairness.
  • Encourage teamwork and mutual collaboration.
  • Seek constant learning.
  • Learn from our mistakes.
  • Achieve success through our clients' success.
  • Build strong relationships with partners, affiliates, and clients.
  • Recognize and give credit to those on whose shoulders we stand.
  • Contribute to the advancement of others along the way.
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Christian Pedreño
Chief of Growth
Founder & CEO. Over 25 years of experience in digital.
Role: Vision, innovation, and strategy.
Delfina Aguilar
Account Manager
Handling operations and client relations.
Role: Organization, processes, and account satisfaction.
Fabián Suarez
Growth Engineer
Growth, optimization, and growth analysis.
Role: Directing and executing growth strategies.
Santiago Carril
UX Design Leader
Over 25 years of experience, branding specialist.
Role: Visualization of user experiences.
Jonatan Casanovas
SDR Leader
Demand generation.
Role: Generating MQLs for our clients.
Ana Ameijeiras
Social Media Management
Content and SM development.
Role: Management of the social channel.
Franco Dans
UX Engineer
Back & Front Dev.
Role: User experience engineering.
Silvina Woscoff
New Biz Manager
Account development.
Role: Generation and management of accounts.
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